Five musicians generously donated their talents to the Beavers, asking for nothing in return. Dalia, Joro Boro, Kristen Van Dyke, and the collaboration between Aaron Nelsen & Nick Towne, also known as Remnant Low, all said we could use their music in the film. We cannot thank them enough. 

We met Dalia at Burning Man after her show at Center Camp in 2012. She had a beautiful voice and has been so generous donating her Every Bird Sing, Ladies Anthem, Last Winter Snow, and Song For A Film to the Beavers. Check her out HERE.

Joro Boro is a long time Burner whom Beth worked with in New York City. His funky Balkan flavored Playa Kolo was built for the dust. Check out his site HERE.

Kristen Van Dyke is Beth's little sister from another mother. Napa, California based, she is a favorite local barista who hasn't put down her guitar since picking it up and has the voice her fans cannot get enough of.  Her subtle, yet powerful, You Had Time, was the perfect tone for our 16-second kissing scene:

Remnant Low is the audio collaboration of Nick Towne and Aaron Nelsen who expect to release their first album this year.  Aaron is Beth's brother. We used Crazing Rain and Ground, the latter which opens the film and many have asked about. In the mean time, you can buy their latest album HERE.

Watch this space!