Special Agent Donors Updates and Many Thanks!!

Beth and I want to give heartfelt thanks to the following people, our latest Special Agents of Beaver Love, for their generous contributions to our Indiegogo campaign.

Laura Wadden, one of the Stars of our film and now, Agent Action Jackson Berlin! Thank you for all you give in the film and now!  Big Beaver hugs to Berlin!

Dear Crystal Cikee Ness, for all her contributions to the art world and for always being there cheering us on! Thank you Crystal... Agent Action Jackson Double Trouble!  You are Loved!! xo

Peter Schuster, my brother in drums and light, thank you for over doubling your contribution to make you Special Agent Wild Pony!! Yeehaw! Your support and prayers are so appreciated and we are sending our Big Beaver Love to you as you make a new home in Seattle! Much love Beaver brother!! xoxo

Jenni Olson, the first person to guide me along the filmmaking path back in 2006, instantly giving me sound advice and amazing contacts to interview for a film that never got made. She's been a constant source of inspiration by example. Thank you for your ongoing generosity and well wishes all these years! You are my Hero and so very grateful to call you my friend. Thank you Jenni!! aka Special Agent Action Hero Jackson! xx

AND TODAY WE HAVE A MYSTERY BEAVER with deep and generous pockets donating $1000!! We can't thank you enough Mystery Beaver, Agent Damn you got deep pockets!! Eternally grateful!! Let us know who you are and Beth and I will come to your house and cook you a Feast meant for a Queen!! and then some... A Million Thanks!! xoxo