A Beaver a Day: Meet Mikey, just one of the many Beavers featured in our film, Camp Beaverton: Meet the Beavers. We are making these promos to introduce you to our exceptional Beavers and to encourage you to help with our Indiegogo Fundraising campaign. We have only 5 days left! We can do it with your help. Hope you enjoy meeting Mikey as much as we did! THANK YOU!




Our 3 official movie posters are finished. The one in the middile, called Chaps is our main poster, but we will use the others for various promos and to give everyone who wins a signed poster as a perk, a choice of 1 of these 3. I <3 choices. Hope you like em!



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2 Anonymous Donors donate $100 ea.

2 more Anonymous beaver lovers donate $100 each!! Thank you friends!! We'll see one of you at Frameline and the other in September, somewhere across the pond. Your contributions are of tremendous help! Thanks so much! xo


Ana Grillo & Beth Nelsen on Talk Radio show, The O word.

June 14, 2013 Beth and I were on Anya de Montigney's radio talk show, The O Word, here in San Francisco today. We discussed Radical love in SF, what we learned from the Beavers. Stefunny Fumbly Mumbly talked about her film in progress, Radical Love, and the Orgasmic meditation practices at One Taste. Its was all good. You can listen through the Apps TuneIn and Stitcher as well. Search for The O Word. 

Thank you Paul Rodman, our latest Agent C Note!

Holy Beaver Roll!! Huge thanks to Paul Rodman, for his generous contribution today, making him our latest Special Agent C Note! Thank you Paul for being the beaver you want to see in the world and supporting our film. It makes a huge difference and we truly appreciate you! 

Hope you will enjoy your "I Love Beaver" button and wear it proudly! 

8 days left friends... Do you Love Beaver?


Meet the Beavers in Rome!

Meet the Beavers in Rome! at the Rome Gender DocuFest, Aug 28-30, 2013. We are thrilled to announce that our European premiere is in Rome.

We want to say thanks everyone for their support these past 9 months. It’s truly like giving birth to a baby… then giving it your total attention once it’s born, while your exhausted and in awe at the same time. You all are the godmothers & godfathers to our baby beaver here. We truly thank you.

We have 8 days left and well on our way, so please share with your friends and spread the B word. The beavers are coming.


Thank you special agent donors, Allison, Jennifer and Erin!

We want to give big thanks to Allison Sayers, Jennifer Kerins, and Erin Omeara for their generous donations and becoming our newest special agents of beaver Love. You are now officially Agents Nifty Fifty's and part of our worldwide Beaver network. Funs stuff to come with that. Beth and I truly appreciate your taking on this mission and helping us reach our goal! We are getting there, all because of you! Thank you so much for your support!

Be the beaver you want to see in the world, friends and support our campaign while you support women's films. The world needs more of this. The world needs more Beaver.


Big Beaver Loves goes out to Astrud Castillo, special agent Nifty Fifty Love Yogini!

RED BEAVER ALERT!! Check in this video.... So much love and gratitude for our longtime supporter, Astrud Castillo, special Agent Nifty Fifty Love Yogini ♥ She's supported us throughout the making of this film with feedback, donating a hair 

style&cut for our fundraiser, giving us a testimonials for our Igogo campaign and much more! Can't thank you enough! Be the Beaver this Special Agent Love Yogini wants to meet and support our film! thank you Astrud! xoxoxo http://youtu.be/FYLlADey2Rg

Big Beaver Thanks to Livia Santos, Special Broke Back Beaver!

We just got a Beaver-encoded message from Special Agent Broke Back Beaver, Livia Santos... She has accepted this mission with a generous donation to help us pay our Beaver Bills! This message will NOT self destruct in 5 seconds! THANK YOU LIVIA!! 

She also shot our Indiegogo video, woot woot! Livia!! You've helped us in so many ways! Big Beaver Love and Damn grateful for your generosity! 

Ana Mission and Livia Santos, our latest Agent Broke Back Beaver and our videographer for the Igogo video! She's all Love!!&nbsp;

Ana Mission and Livia Santos, our latest Agent Broke Back Beaver and our videographer for the Igogo video! She's all Love!! 

Special Agent Donors Updates and Many Thanks!!

Beth and I want to give heartfelt thanks to the following people, our latest Special Agents of Beaver Love, for their generous contributions to our Indiegogo campaign.

Laura Wadden, one of the Stars of our film and now, Agent Action Jackson Berlin! Thank you for all you give in the film and now!  Big Beaver hugs to Berlin!

Dear Crystal Cikee Ness, for all her contributions to the art world and for always being there cheering us on! Thank you Crystal... Agent Action Jackson Double Trouble!  You are Loved!! xo

Peter Schuster, my brother in drums and light, thank you for over doubling your contribution to make you Special Agent Wild Pony!! Yeehaw! Your support and prayers are so appreciated and we are sending our Big Beaver Love to you as you make a new home in Seattle! Much love Beaver brother!! xoxo

Jenni Olson, the first person to guide me along the filmmaking path back in 2006, instantly giving me sound advice and amazing contacts to interview for a film that never got made. She's been a constant source of inspiration by example. Thank you for your ongoing generosity and well wishes all these years! You are my Hero and so very grateful to call you my friend. Thank you Jenni!! aka Special Agent Action Hero Jackson! xx

AND TODAY WE HAVE A MYSTERY BEAVER with deep and generous pockets donating $1000!! We can't thank you enough Mystery Beaver, Agent Damn you got deep pockets!! Eternally grateful!! Let us know who you are and Beth and I will come to your house and cook you a Feast meant for a Queen!! and then some... A Million Thanks!! xoxo





Extra special thanks to our dear friend, Wendy Goodfriend for her anonymous, well... i'm outing her anyway, her donation of $100 and her new status as sexy agent C Note! Thank you Wendy for always supporting me and giving invaluable feedback along the way! You are too good to be kept a secret! So much love and gratitude for you!!! xoxox